To raise money for Dutch film director Eddy Terstalls new short film. Eddy Terstall wanted to fund his new short film by using the crowdfunding website cinecrowd.nl. It soon became clear that this would not result in the needed budget. Clearly, some rumor was needed to get attention, and some incentive to motivate the audience. We needed a powerful idea that wouldn't cost us any money.


The creative solution

Since Eddy Terstall is popular amongst film fans, we decided to target this group and offer them more than what we asked from them.

The idea: 'Have your own Eddy Terstall film'. A film directed by Eddy, based on your tweet to Eddy, and posted on your Facebook wall.

A mini mini film: for every € 10.- your tweet would result in 10 seconds of film. A donation of € 60.- or more: a film of one whole minute.

We built a campaign micro site and organized a film crew of talented students.

A tweet from Eddy to his many followers started the buzz: 'Let me turn your tweet into a movie. Look at @eddystwitflicks'.



  • “Eddy’s Twitflicks” became a topic in on- and offline media.
  • Eddy’s tweet was instantly retweeted, and dozens of blogs, websites and traditional media (radio, television, newspapers) talked about it.
  • During the two weeks of the activation 47 “twitflicks” were made and posted on Facebook. And thanks to a growing number of substantial donations the target was reached before the deadline on cinecrowd.nl.
  • The end result exceeded even six times the target. Instead of the needed 20K, Eddy received an amount of 120K. And best of all, Eddy was able to turn his short movie into a full length feature film.